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As a company we have been called, “The best well known secret in the Private Investment Community amongst over 100 top tier VC & PE Groups.” Apogee as an organization has been described as LinkedIn meets Sequoia Capital for every type of entrepreneur—seasoned or not. Similar to LinkedIn, we create a private ecosystem with a select group of companies and individuals, helping our clients achieve their goals. We offer an array of custom solutions and services uniquely tailored to their industry and current state, until we help them become ready to institutional capital by offering them access to our best of breed partners and leveraging our ecosystems.


Apogee provides business venture acceleration to companies aspiring to reach the next funding series. We identify strategic sources of capital investment and facilitates deal closures by; assisting in the Executive Summary; Documenting Sales Process; Building the Pipeline; Pitch Coaching and introducing clients to the top tier investor groups.

Apogee helps drive the valuation of the company to the next round through the development of Sales and Marketing; Tax Credits; HR Outsourcing Services, Corporate Governance, Legal Services and Viral Social Media extensions specific to your business.

Apogee provides partnership opportunities with over a dozen leading Payroll, Accounting, HR, Marketing Companies, Media Agencies and Legal firms at discounted rates to position our clients for rapid growth.