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The managing directors and founders of Apogee Accelerator Group (Apogee) have been assisting private companies seeking venture capital and private equity for over twenty-two years. Apogee believes that businesses have the ability to make significant contributions to people, society and the environment. Our philosophy combines our passion for business and investing with an altruistic vision to impact the world for good. The team has assisted on over 50 private equity transactions and has extensive relationships with over 350 of the world’s top tier venture capital and private equity firms.

Apogee executives are hands-on and goal-oriented with diversified experience in marketing, business development, strategic planning, turnarounds, finance and operations. Our focus is on minority equity stakes in market leading, non-publicly traded enterprises with a view to maximizing operating efficiencies and business potential and achieving an exit over a 3 to 5-year time horizon. We are generalist involved with multiple industries, consumer, internet, software, healthcare, communications and media.

Less than five minutes. That’s the amount of time your plan has in the hands of many potential investors before they decide to turn “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on it. In other words, they evaluate document that may have taken you weeks or even months to prepare in just a few moments. No matter how beneficial your product, how lucrative your market, or how innovative your manufacturing techniques, it is your Executive Summary alone that persuades a reader to spend the time to find out about your product, market, and techniques. Because of this, it is imperative that you prepare the best version of your Executive Summary. To do so, you want to convey your own sense of optimism about your business. This does not mean using “hype”; it simply means using a positive, confident tone and demonstrating that you are well-positioned to exploit a compelling market opportunity. Our team is very seasoned and has been assisting clients for over 20 years with reframing and creating a powerful Grab highlighting the most important aspects of your business to open the door to the top tier


From New York City, Boston, London to Silicon Valley Apogee’s presence is well known and respected for the quality and pre-screening of companies and entrepreneurs we bring to, Venture capitalists have been a driving force in backing driven entrepreneurs and turning small companies into world-wide brands. VC’s have averaged investing over $35 billion in 4,000 deals each year over the past five years. Private Equity firms have invested an average of over one trillion dollars each year in over 10,000 deals over the same five years according to numerous independent reports, including the PwC/NVCA MoneyTree™ Report. VC-Backed Exits Reach Record Highs in 2014. In the past year alone, CrunchBase captured over 2500 acquisitions and 288 IPOs worldwide.

New reports highlight that venture capital and private equity backed companies hit the big time much sooner and are meeting major milestones (including $500 million, $1 billion, and $5 billion valuations) two to three times faster than they did roughly 15 years ago, highlighting 500,000 venture-backed tech companies dating back to 2000.